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The benefits

Forces AVENIR is special in that what it “sells” are not practical objects or services but rather a value: the value of commitment. It is a given fact that Forces AVENIR achieves significant and tangible results:

Benefits for young people

  1. Civic commitment enables young people to partake in experiences that help them develop their personal strengths:
    Personal values, self-confidence, talents, ideas, social conscience, sense of responsibility, knowledge, self-knowledge, healthy mind and body, the meaning of effort, independence of mind, surmounting one’s fears, and the value of happiness.
  2. The young people recognized through the Forces AVENIR programs are given extraordinary encouragement to continue on their chosen path. A total of 500 people from all educational and business circles and all walks of life attend the annual gala to show their support to young people. Forces AVENIR is the first organization to set up a rallying program to promote leadership among Canadian youth.
  3. Thanks to its promotional activities, Forces AVENIR offers young people a platform for showcasing their potential and expressing their ideals. Moreover, by recognizing individuals and projects, Forces AVENIR has a significant lever effect that paves the way for those pursuing exemplary civic initiatives. The finalists and award recipients have easier access to financing and other resources that will help them carry out their projects.

Benefits for society

  1. Commitment enables people to partake in experiences that help them develop citizenship strengths:
    • it makes people aware of social realities and of their responsibilities;
    • it has a significant impact on people’s ability to get involved, both for themselves and for others;
    • it gives meaning to knowledge and to life;
    • it enables people to develop their know-how and their life skills;
    • it allows people to experience personal and collective success.
  2. Forces AVENIR makes known outstanding role models of commitment, leadership, entrepreneurial spirit, personal excellence, cooperation and solidarity who play a part in the development of all regions.
  3. Forces AVENIR favours the development of entrepreneurial thinking and the creation of all kinds of organizations.
  4. Forces AVENIR reveals the perseverance and commitment of young people to the Québec population. Moreover, the visibility offered is an excellent source of inspiration.
  5. Forces AVENIR helps define civic commitment as an increasingly important recruitment criterion among Québec employers.
  6. Forces AVENIR promotes democracy thanks to exceptional programs that favour the development of socially conscious, creative, active and responsible citizens and enable them to adopt good practices in terms of participation in community life.

Benefits for the education system

  1. By promoting students from different education levels (high school, college and university), Forces AVENIR helps promote and enhance the value of the education system as a whole.
  2. Forces AVENIR helps strengthen the reputation of universities, colleges and high schools as comprehensive learning environments.
  3. Forces AVENIR rallies together, towards a shared goal, French- and English-language institutions, school administrations and student associations, teachers and students.
  4. Forces AVENIR has prompted the emergence of programs acknowledging commitment at universities, colleges and high schools.
  5. A number of universities, colleges and high schools have even expanded their mission by acknowledging the importance of civic commitment.

Though civic commitment is today a “fashionable” theory, Forces AVENIR has been dedicated to this ideal for 17 years now, making it a visionary and innovative civic organization and a forerunner in the field. Forces AVENIR has definitely contributed in many ways to bringing the subject of civic commitment in our society to the forefront.

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