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In order to recognize, honour and promote civic commitment, Forces AVENIR has set up two different programs: the university and high school programs.

The two programs are structured according to a similar model that includes a registration campaign, selection period, gala and promotional campaign, all of which are carried out over a one-year period.

University program

Intended for university students who have exhibited excellence and commitment while rigorously pursuing their studies, this program was Forces AVENIR’s very first initiative. We celebrated our 15th anniversary en 2013!

Overview of the university program

  • 1.2 million dollars: annual value of the program;
  • 16 partner universities;
  • 75 public and private partners;
  • 200,000 eligible students throughout Quebec;
  • 1,000 visibility spots broadcast on the Réseau de l’Information (RDI) channel;
  • 600,000 copies of a special insert promoting the annual award recipients across the province (in the Gesca newspapers: La Presse, Le SoleilLa Tribune, Le Droit, Le Nouvelliste, Le Quotidien and La Voix de l’Est);
  • 2,600 articles advocating the commitment of young people since 1999;
  • 500 guests at the annual gala;
  • $114,000 in grants awarded annually;
  • 5,000 students honoured, rewarded and acknowledged since 1999;
  • 4 million annual visits to the forcesavenir.qc.ca site.


High school program

The high school program came into being in 2007-2008. This marked the first stage of an overall plan to progressively extend the program to the entire province over a period of five years. Once the program is fully implemented, all high school projects and students in Quebec will be eligible for one of the six programs set up for six regions.

Overview of the high school program

  • 4 million dollars: annual value of the program once fully implemented;
  • 72 school board partners;
  • 598 public and private school partners;
  • 500,000 eligible students and teachers throughout Quebec;
  • 28 televised vignettes broadcast over 350 times on the Télé-Québec channel;
  • 175 pages published annually in the Gesca newspapers;
  • 3,500 guests at the 6 annual regional galas;
  • $110,000 in grants awarded annually for the 6 regions.
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