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Become a partner

A well-known philosopher once said that great people are simply ordinary people who have risen to meet extraordinary challenges. This maxim aptly describes the Forces AVENIR finalists and award recipients and what they will become: the leaders of tomorrow!

By becoming a partner, you would have the opportunity to join with Forces AVENIR in encouraging young people. The mission we have set ourselves and the basic values we advocate would enable your organization to adopt an image that reflects committed and responsible citizenship. Moreover, it is a way of showing that one of your core concerns is the promotion of the social commitment and enterprising spirit of young people in projects that enrich knowledge, arouse the desire for success and surpassing oneself, encourage the development of community thinking and thus contribute to the development of active and responsible leaders who are both dedicated to their community and open to the world.

It is important to note that a partnership would be mutually beneficial and that with Forces AVENIR you would enjoy exceptional visibility. Please contact us should your organization wish to establish a partnership. It would be a pleasure for us to look at how we could work together for the greater well-being of our society.

Commitment begins with action...

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