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Our vision 

  1. Long-term thinking: We are aware that changes are brought about over a long period of time. We therefore strive to shape our actions so that they all have a lasting significance.
  2. Producing an exponential impact on society: “Just imagine the impact on individuals and on the organization of society if, tomorrow morning, every human being on this planet were to further develop their inner strengths.” For Forces AVENIR, it is essential that the school community work towards helping individuals attain their full potential.
  3. Promoting role models of civic commitment: These models are perfect examples of the positive impact of commitment on both individuals and society as a whole.
  4. Building an influential network and establishing lasting partnerships: Within the framework of its programs, Forces AVENIR has set up a network favouring synergy and bringing together the key elements for change: the leaders of tomorrow (the Forces AVENIR finalists and award recipients), elected officials, professionals from social milieus, representatives from the education community and company executives.
  5. Raising awareness of social realities among Forces AVENIR recipients: International internships are offered as a means of helping young people be better prepared for the world, in terms of their personal values and their actions.
  6. Developing the Forces AVENIR program at the university, college and secondary levels: Forces AVENIR initially targeted Québec universities, as this academic sector is the highest level of our education system. Forces AVENIR was subsequently extended to the college and secondary levels.
  7. Exporting the Forces AVENIR mission: We believe that it is important that the Forces AVENIR mission be exported so that its influence can be felt outside the province of Québec. By upholding the same principles that guided the development of the Forces AVENIR program in Québec and establishing a similar program, if only in one other Canadian province, we are convinced that we will increase Forces AVENIR’s impact in Québec, and inevitably, its overall impact. Our goal is to achieve a balance that will enable us to adopt a demand-oriented rather than a supply-oriented approach. We are persuaded that other provinces, and perhaps even other countries, will one day want to develop their own Forces AVENIR program.
  8. Consolidating financing: In calling on the federal government, provincial governments and private enterprises as well as universities, colleges and schools to contribute to a type of financing with shared responsibility, Forces AVENIR will be able to establish a culture of financial leverage and guarantee the longevity of its mission.
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