• Gala Forces-Avenir - niveau Universitaire
  • Gala Forces-Avenir - niveau Universitaire

Un cégep vert jusqu’au toit !


Un cégep vert jusqu’au toit !
Cégep de Rimouski

For William St-Gelais, an architectural technology student at Cégep de Rimouski, sustainable development is a true passion. And it was with the goal of sharing this passion with as many people as possible that he headed the very first green roof project at Cégep de Rimouski. While the development of this type of roof in an urban setting is in itself an excellent environmental protection initiative, for William St-Gelais it is also a tangible teaching tool for both students and the general population. And it is this aspect that sets the project apart. Indeed, as a supplement to the development of the green roof – which he personally carried out with the help of a fellow student – he organized educational sessions for students in the architectural technology program and a lecture on sustainable development for the general public that was attended by more than 100 people. Although certain technical constraints limited the scope of the initial project, a tangible project nonetheless took shape thanks to William’s motivation and determination as well as the mobilization of a number of students and faculty members at the college. Exhibiting undeniable leadership skills, William St-Gelais is the type of student who substantiates his environmental convictions by taking concrete action. According to director general Jean-Pierre Villeneuve, he is “a source of inspiration for the entire college community.”

Un cégep vert jusqu’au toit !

AVENIR finalist Environnement AVENIR

Left to right : William St-Gelais, Charles Ross



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