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  • Gala Forces-Avenir - niveau Universitaire

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Arts, literature and culture AVENIR

L'Art passe à l'Est

Arts, literature and culture AVENIR

L'Art passe à l'Est

Committed to Promoting the Creative Talent of the New Generation

On 1 February 2008, the building at 3259 Sainte-Catherine Street East in Montréal was taken over by art students from the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQÀM). Until February 2009, twelve exhibitions will be presented one after the other, with a different exhibit every month. The Art passe à l’Est project is currently in full swing.

Created from start to finish by students in 1999, the project’s main objective is to showcase the works of the new generation of artists at UQÀM outside the walls of the university. All artistic disciplines have place of honour. From painting to multimedia installations to sculpture, performance, video and photography, nothing has been left out, and the selected location has been turned into a studio, artist-run centre and showroom all in one. According to the spokesman for the event Louis-Antoine Blanchette, “the project seeks to provide a space for students who wish to exhibit their talent. It also gives UQÀM an opportunity to gain greater recognition in the community by showcasing the talent and creative genius of its art students.”

There is no denying it, their mission is a success. “Over the years, L’Art passe à l’Est has gained amazing scope thanks to the dynamism of the organizers and has allowed a large number of students to get actively involved in a stimulating and enriching project,” points out Thomas Corriveau, director of the undergraduate program at UQÀM’s school of visual and media arts.

L’Art passe à l’Est not only enables students to exhibit their creations, it also serves as an introduction to the various aspects involved in organizing a professional exhibition. Everything is touched upon: project management, planning the opening night, pursuit of funding, public relations and programming.

“The project is a rewarding experience for exhibitors; it introduces them to the realities of the art world and the different steps involved in mounting an exhibition. What the participating students learn complements the skills they develop during their academic studies,” adds Danny Glaude, a lab technician at the school of visual and media arts.

Moreover, the project undeniably helps to establish closer ties between the general public and the art world by making art very accessible thanks to free exhibits and family activities. And an artist is on hand at all times to welcome visitors and answer questions.

The project has even become a springboard for cultural and community activities in the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve neighbourhood. In a desire to reach out to the population, the organizers have created a project that strongly favours cultural life in this east Montréal neighbourhood. The Internet site (www.lartpassealest.com) also enables them to be in constant contact with their clientele.

According to Mr. Blanchette, L’Art passe à l’Est will continue to be a platform for exchange between artists and the general public for a long time to come. “To begin with, the relevance of maintaining the project is to provide students with an open, dynamic and accessible place to exhibit their work that is close to the milieu and, subsequently, to contribute directly to the cultural vitality that Montréal’s east side is currently experiencing.”

L'Art passe à l'Est

Project's members:

Catherine Béliveau, Catherine Ballard, Claudine Matte, Gabrielle Matte, Louis-Antoine Blanchette, Marie-Ève Courchesne, Marie-Eve Levasseur and Vincent Thibault Vézina.


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